The Link’s Simple Sounds Resources

Children join The Link with different levels of reading proficiency.  While many of the children join the literacy programme as decoding readers – able to sound out words, a substantial number of the children are novice readers, with limited conceptual knowledge of letters, sounds and their relationship to one another.

The Simple Sounds facilitate novice readers in learning to break the alphabetic code and enable learners to practise blending and building regular words, at their own pace.

The Simple Sounds were developed for The Link Literacy Project by Zoë von Klemperer.   The characters are the creation of Barbara Botes.  The electronic Simple Sounds resource – an adaption of The Simple Sounds cards – is narrated by Nicolle Allison.

The Simple Sounds’ characters were developed specifically for (and tested on) South African English Additional Language learners affiliated to The Link Literacy & Numeracy Project.

The Link’s resources are intended for non-profit educational use only.

Zoë von Klemperer is a learner support specialist. She has developed numerous literacy tools and electronic resources for The Link. She also hosts workshops and provides training to new volunteers.

Resources used in the maths programme

A deep understanding of counting and the sense of number lies at the centre of mathematical thinking. Developing an understanding of how numbers work is best facilitated through a sense-making rather than taught approach. The Link draws on the teaching approach used in the NumberSense books and children are encouraged to discuss how they work out their answers rather than to focus on the production of an answer. Through this facilitated approach in The Link programme, learners have discovered their own justifiable methods in calculating in efficient and varied ways.

Digital Resources Available on YouTube

With so many children having fallen further behind due to Covid, the need for literacy support is greater than ever.  Our digital resources are now available on YouTube and are free for anyone to access.  It is hoped that they will provide a valuable resource for children needing reinforcement of foundation literacy concepts both in the current environment and into the future.  Follow this link to see what the channel has to offer.


The Link-in-a-Box is a pilot project and comprises of a set of resources primarily for children with limited sounds knowledge. It was put together to help NGO’s, religious institutions, schools, aftercare programs and community leaders to use the Link program (specifically the Link Sounds/phonics resources) to supplement their work in the community.

Resources will be enough for 5 volunteers of your own. With this we give 2 hours of online training and also support via Zoom where needed. We do not supply the entity with volunteers, and resources may not be used for financial gain.

Entities will apply and if approved, pay for these resources at cost.

For further information, email or click here for more details: Link-in-a-Box-Brochure

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